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RBDeep In the Mix: Justin Martin Beats 1 “One Mix”

DIRTYBIRD co-founder Justin Martin is no strange name to the house community. He is one of the few house DJ to stay true to his underground roots despite being commercially successful. He is known to produce high quality sounds that often described as both melodic and tough. His signature trait as a producer is combining the heavy-hitting kick drum pattern and bassline with groovy, melodious synths and vocals. He loves to use sounds that resembled nature and space as background sounds, creating a natural and ethereal atmosphere for his tracks. As a DJ, Justin Martin likes to constantly switching back and forth between up-beat, dance-your-ass-off tracks and chill, vibing tracks that makes the audience feel and appreciate the quality of the music. A few months ago, as a promotion for his latest album “Hello Clouds”, Justin Martin created a mix for Beats 1 radio and it is absolute gold, or as he would describe it: pizza. Here is Justin Martin’s “One Mix”.

This hour-long mix is a roller coaster of emotions through house music. Justin starts the mix slow and groovy with tracks like Quarion‘s remix of Rainfall from Love & Mercy, and Torn Blue from Pedestrian. He then makes a smooth transition into a hard-hitting track from the Billy Kenny called What You Sample. Before the audience gets too rowdy, Justin brings the tempo back down with an interval track called Alpe Lusia by Stimming. From that point forward is a series of compelling house and techno tracks from the likes of Maksim Dark, Ron Costa, Marc Spence, Lenny Kiser, and Kevin Knapp. Justin Martin brings the audience back down one more time to make his outro with the last few tracks: Britta Arnold’s Crazy Dur Light, Sooty Shearwater, King of Migration by Fatima Yamaha, and Me Succeeds’ remix of Arp Aubert’s Moshislongo. Whether the transition is smooth or abrupt, Justin Martin always finds a way to rattle sound systems and expand the audience’s mind at the same time.

Bring the crowds and the clouds to say hello to Justin Martin as he will be bringing the DIRTYBIRD vibe to Rawhide for Mad Decent Block Party and rattle the sound system there on Saturday September 17.

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