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Slushii Releases A Touching Music Video For His Track “So Long” Ft Madi

Slushii came out of nowhere over the past year and immediately gained support from lots of big artists like Jauz and Marshmello and a large fan base as well. He grabbed the attention of the indie electroverse with his hard-hitting drops and versatility.

He’s been releasing tracks non stop and just wrapped up his first ever live set debut at Hard Summer and was surprised with a very special guest appearance by the electronic music master himself, Skrillex. And that’s not all, Skrillex even went as far as to say that he believes that Slushii is “the future,” and I have no doubt he will live up to that.

Slushii – So Long (feat. Madi) [Official Music Video]

He also just released an emotional music video for his latest track “So Long” featuring vocals by Madi, and its quite touching. The video tells a love story with an elderly couple experiencing a life lived long long ago through the use of very special virtual reality headsets. With an “outside the box” theme, the video is the perfect representation of the vibes that the track aims to expose.

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