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Artist Spotlight: Eptic Fail? More like Eptic Win!

So there’s an artist on the rise and he is absolutely Eptic. That’s right, the 23-year-old from Belgium, Eptic, has made way for himself in the bass scene.

Eptic’s sound may be one that does not even have a sub-genre yet. It could possibly fit into some stem off dubstep, but his sound is too distinctive to be compared to anything else. The song that catapulted his career was ‘The End,’ yet it had only just begun:

Recently, Eptic released the Overload EP. Filled with upbeat, intergalactic commotion, it’ll certainly have you on your feet. The inevitable blast off of to show your rigorous dance moves is what’ll get you to like every track on his Soundcloud. This EP gets you goin’!

Eptic will be joining us at the Monarch Theatre on Saturday, October 22 for the Never Say Die Records Fall Tour. Must Die! and Spag Heddy will be joining for this headbanger’s paradise of a tour. Purchase tickets now because prices will go up.

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