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Dat New New: Blinders – “Hero”

With one of the most recent tracks off of Nicky Romero’s label, Protocol, Blinders continues to demonstrate the label’s creativity in ‘Hero.’ The amount of work that went into the production of this tune goes beyond the average. As Blinders was traveling Europe and Asia, he toyed with it until perfection. After trying out multiple renditions of the vocals, a year went by until he was satisfied enough to release the piece.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 9.31.45 PM

The hard work paid off. With varying components of electronic music smashed together, they integrate to create a sound which is executed incredibly. The unconventional rhythm matches up perfectly with the vocals that were chosen. Listen as it combines the efforts of house, bass, and other species of electronic music:

Other than composing music, Blinders likes to spend a great amount of his time in bed. As his music motivates him to get out of bed and travel the world, enjoying a craft beer from each spot is a must. He will be making his next stop in Amsterdam, Netherlands to perform at Rokin 75 in October.

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