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Dat New New: k?d ft. RKCB – “Discover”

A fresh layer of lyrical expression on top of an aerated rhythm of sound is what you discover when you put k?d and RKCB on a track together. Really, the song has an essential ring to it. No matter which genre you prefer, “Discover” will take you for a ride. It is a reminder of one’s blissful life journeys, for the tune puts you in a place you may or may not have known before.

This Florida based producer has acquired millions of Soundcloud hits in the last year for his incredible remixes. Remastering tracks by some of the most known producers, Avicii, Afrojack, and Daft Punk, has put k?d’s Soundcloud and Youtube hits on a high incline.

Other than the beauty of k?d’s inspiring new track, he has expressed his artistic talent in other ways. Further than music, there are multiple sketches done for his tracks that depict himself and the mysteriousness of the man behind the music.

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