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Decadence AZ Artist Spotlight: The Chainsmokers — An Unstoppable Force

The Chainsmokers have come a long way since becoming nationally recognized with the release of their first majorly successful track that needs no mention. Since then Alex and Drew have become the hottest young American dance music DJ duo, creating an arsenal of top-notch tracks beloved by fans that have young people trying to catch their live show every chance they get. Luckily for us, we don’t have to chase them too far as they will be joining us to celebrate New Years 2017 at Decadence AZ. Their original tracks have all made it to the Beatport top charts, with their two latests singles “Rozes” and “Don’t Let Me Down” each reaching double platinum, a huge achievement. Not only this, but their remixes also receive huge traction and appreciation, reaching #1 on HypeM charts.

The Chainsmokers’ signature sound has its foundations in indie, progressive and pop music. At the iconic music festival Coachella music festival The Chainsmokers premiered their latest track they’ve had in the works “Closer.” As Drew sang the song to the live audience for the first time it became obvious what a panty-dropper that track would be, which is ironic since it is about basically running into your ex, hooking up, and then remembering everything you hated about them to begin with. Both having graduated from prestigious North-Eastern Universities, the two overachievers have kept up the hard work, constantly producing, performing and finding the time in-between to host their own monthly mix series, Nice Hair with The Chainsmokers on SiriusXM Radio.

“Drew says it best, but it’s a song about having sex with your ex-girlfriend and then realizing/remembering everything you hate about that person.” – Alex from The Chainsmokers

Their latest mix series Nice Hair with The Chainsmokers 025 starts out with a hilarious beginning, “I got your results back; I’m sorry but the test was positive: You’re a Basic Bitch.” The mix then drops into the ever-popular remix of #SELFIE that says STFU in the drop before Alex and Drew hop on the mic for introductions, showing off the duo’s hilarious personalities and wild antics that they bring to every show. This mix also features the world premiere of “Closer” that they produced with Shaun Frank on their Friends Zone Tour. This song, truly shows just how far The Chainsmokers have progressed since beginning their endeavor in the EDM world, as it is the first track that they have both written, produced and sang on for the very first time.

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