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EDM TV Series “Momentum” Will Premiere this Fall

It’s no secret that last year’s “We Are Your Friends” was a box office bust and the recent Netflix film “XOXO” wasn’t one to rave over. When it comes to accurate and entertaining depictions of EDM culture in the media, maybe the third time’s  the charm.

Presented by Momentum Picture House, the new television series “Momentum” features a struggling millennial, Michael Morris, who was thrown into the spotlight without warning after his friend secretly uploads his original track on the Internet. Morris, who initially begins the trailer juggling his dead-end construction job and caring for his siblings, gets fired from his job and becomes desperate for funds.

Admitting that he’s always dreamt of going forward with his music, the New Jersey DJ is hindered by the impracticality of dedicating his time to the industry when he’s needs to support his family. When his industry friend tells him his track got half a million views in just four days, Morris takes the plunge and enters to EDM madness.

Momentum – The Series – Teaser

The latter of the teaser videos reveals Morris plays his first show at Webster Hall. Flashes of computer smashing, drugs and drama imply that this television series could be the most realistic portrayal of the industry yet.

The creators of this independent indie series, led by Michael Morello, say they are deeply invested in the expansion and reputation of the electronic scene, and want to shed light on genres and artists throughout the series.

With no official word on when or where the series will debut, it is rumored to premiere later this year.

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