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Gryffin Releases Tour Dates and a New Single

Dan Griffith is an electronic music producer with a passion for live instrumentation and performance. Under the alias Gryffin, Dan has produced a number of chart topping remixes as well as two singles that have been immensely successful. Following his debut at Snowglobe this past year, Gryffin has played many shows and has even designed a tour after releasing his latest original “Whole Heart”.

The house that Gryffin produces incorporates indie vibes which adds to the quality of his performance. Dan began his musical career long before he was known as Gryffin. He was initially trained in classical piano and soon took to the guitar to expand his arsenal of musical capabilities. When making the transition to producing electronic music, it is clear that Dan knew he would never stop loving acoustic instruments so he decided to blend the two together, coming up with a very unique sound.

Instead of sticking to the conventional form of electronic performance on the turntables, Gryffin plans an entirely live, yet continuous, set to showcase his classical performance background and it never fails to please audiences. 2016 has already been a major year for Gryffin but there is no doubt he will continue to rise in the ranks of EDM talent. Don’t wait to buy your tickets to see Gryffin at Shady Park on October 20th! It will be a show you do not want to miss.

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