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HeRobust Releases Two New Trap-Tastic Bangers

Although Herobust has been travelling the globe and exposing his #futurebass in his live sets, the studio side of this trill performer hasn’t been as well-explored through headphones as much as they should be. Those days might be coming to an end, with some sick releases that are bound to attract not only fans who enjoy more Trap-laden tracks, but also fans who enjoy their energy-induced high from the current state of progressive house. Although we were stoked to talk about Herobust’s Busted mix of Wuki’s Make It Clap, there is an even newer track coming out of nowhere entitled “Skurt Reynolds (VIP).”

Wuki –  Make It Clap (feat. Dance With White Girls) [Busted By Herobust]

Herobust (also stylized heRobust) is coming out from Atlanta, Georgia to not only make his music mixable for music minds and enthusiasts alike, but also to help his music reach the masses with influences coming from diverse sources from OutKast to Flosstradamus. Herobust, AKA Hayden Kramer came out with a remix of Wuki’s Make It Clap, which not only unsurprisingly combines his love of the world of rap and hiphop, but transforms the song into a melodic booty-party. The Make It Clap “Busted” edition changes average beats into an insanely melodic drop that puts the hard factors that listeners want into a trap-bass mixture.

Herobust – Skurt Reynolds (VIP)

Yes, “booty music” many not be as intellectually respectable as other genres in the eyes of the mainstream, but “Make It Clap” achieves a different goal of highlighting a track that does in-fact ask the booty to twerk, but includes enough heavy synth and bass elements to make a smart and clean track mixed with intense hip-hop vibes. While his remix of Wuki’s Make It Clap came out two weeks ago, we will also be covering the even newer track that happened to come out of the blue: “Skurt Reynolds (VIP)” carries a more progressive house vibe with again-resilient hip hop influences that transgress the genre. While not as “hard” as the remixed Wuki track, Skurt Reynolds pleases the palate of fans looking for a more traditional house approach that revolutionizes itself by bridging the gap between progressive house and trap. Although this is a remix of the anniversary of the original tracks and more, this newer version brings the original up to date in all the right ways. 

Aside from jamming out to these two brand-new tracks, catch Herobust at the Global Dance Festival at Rawhide, in Chandler AZ, on November 19th, show starting at 3:00 PM. Definitely tell your friends, because Herobust is well-known for putting on a sick show!

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