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Make Your Mark: Are You Good Enough for “Good Enuff?”

Mad Decent Block Party is near, and Mad Decent Records is one of the hottest labels in the EDM industry. They have crazy artists signed on like Skrillex, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and of course their owner, Diplo.

Diplo’s first few marks on this industry with Mad Decent, Major Lazer, and Jack U clearly was not “Good Enuff” for him. He made yet another mark introducing his sub-label Good Enuff this April.

Mad Decent will always and forever provide the top hits in EDM, but Good Enuff is showing a different side of this industry. They will be releasing new songs on the daily for free downloads via their website, Soundcloud or Youtube.

The goal of this record label is to give artists a “quick, nimble, and flexible” way to reach the public. With their rapid following on the Mad Decent, this was a simple way for low key or unknown artists to have an opportunity to be featured on a label. If you’re music is good enough then it will be featured on Good Enuff.

This is a genius idea! This is a quick and easy way for Diplo to reach out to those unknown artists and potentially give them an opportunity to be recognized in this scene. He could even sign you on Mad Decent. The only request made by Good Enuff label is to send something they haven’t heard of before.

Connect with Good Enuff: Website| Facebook| Youtube| Soundcloud

Connect with Diplo: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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