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Malaa & Tchami Rock the House with New Single ‘Prophecy’

The future house genius Tchami is back again, but this time, he’s not alone. Pairing up with the up and coming anonymous superstar Malaa, the two teamed up and produced a house track that will knock your socks off. ‘Prophecy’ lifts the spirits with its bumping tempo and sequential bassline.

Released on Tchami’s label, ‘Prophecy’ moves all listeners with the thumping beat and irresistible house vibe. You can clearly hear both of the producers’ work flowing threw the track, and it’s even clearer that their vision for this upbeat song was executed with mastery.

With future house being one of the most listened to genres of EDM, and countless names trying to get to the top of the ladder, Malaa and Tchami may have just taken one step up, and they are damn close to reaching the goal. The bouncing synths follow through from beginning to end with the rhythm carrying its weight makes for a track with original and sound perfection.

While we are still wondering who Malaa could possibly be, and when they will reveal themselves, we are left with this unique banger of a song. For now, that’s enough for me.

Connect with Tchami: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Malaa: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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