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Relentless Beats is Looking for Interns — Is It You?

As a company growing at an exponential rate, we are consistently finding new opportunities within our burgeoning brand. With that said, we are initiating a new internship program to not only help us fulfill out day-to-day, but also to give all of our devout followers and students looking to make it in the entertainment industry some real world experience.

This program is targeting University and College students seeking internship credit or otherwise looking for a job in the entertainment industry. Although an education-seeking applicant is not required, it is PREFERRED.



As an intern for Relentless Beats, you will aid in our day-to-day office operations, be a helping hand at our festivals and club shows, work late nights and early mornings, and become a part of our crazy family.

In the world of nightlife, you can expect some odd hours. Luckily, being in school, we fully understand that this aspect comes first. In order to work successfully as an intern, we ask that you make weekends and at least two days during the week available for us to successfully implement this opportunity for you.

If being an intern for Relentless Beats interests you, please fill out the form below:

Relentless Beats Intern Application

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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