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Relentless Record Collection: Nero’s ‘Between II Worlds’

Nero has been in the hot seat ever since their wicked ‘Promises’ collab with Skrillex wrecked the charts, and their recent album just launched them into a completely new zone. Known for their bass-filled dance anthems, Nero pushed the boundaries and created an album that showed off every facet of their talent.

Showcasing the broad appreciation of style, Nero hits genres all over the board in a collaborated piece of production. Every track proves more and more that Nero has come a long way since their early days, and even since they were awarded a well-deserved Grammy.

‘Circles,’ the first track on the album, is a tidal wave of dance synths with melodic vocals that are weaved in seamlessly. ‘The Thrill’ is nothing far from a masterpiece, with everything from dubstep, pop, and even reggae blended in. And just when you think nothing else could be thrown in, next comes the house vibes, with ‘Two Minds,’ a piano-enthused funky tune with unmatchable vocals. The first half of the album is a mixing pot of trap, dance, dubstep, and even trance; let’s just say we will never be disappointed when we press the shuffle button.

‘Tonight’ takes a whirl through distorted instrumentals leading up to an earth-shaking drop. With an R&B influence, this trap hit never fails to bring the bass under a story of vocals.

The last track, ‘Wasted,’ is the perfect conclusion to this album, bittersweet nonetheless. The heavy vocals grabs you by the soul for one last goodbye banger. After listening to this album beginning to end, it is highly probably that some tears have been shed.

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