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Want to Get “Closer” to Jauz? Check Out His Newest Remix

Let’s be honest, “Closer” is THE biggest song in mainstream dance music right now. It’s. Just. So. Catchy.

And it’s no surprise that it’s already been remixed by the likes of Slushii and Two Friends, but now one more has been added to the mix: Jauz’s flip.

Listen to Jauz take this track to new heights:

Although Drew and Halsey’s lyrics still remain, the majority of this track is 100% fresh and new. Jauz sped it up and delivered a steady hitting baseline with groovy rhythms. Overall, this remix in particular separates itself from the others, breathing new life into this Chainsmokers hit. This remix features so much, it’s hard to classify just what category it falls under, all we know is that it’s sure to have you dancing along.

Loving it? Jauz has offered up this remix as a free download. Grab it here.

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