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‘Wat the Frick’ More Could We Ask For? Getter Drops New EP

If you haven’t listened to Getter’s new EP yet… what the frick are you waiting for? The 23-year-old DJ was already killing it with tracks like “Vile Orchestra” and “Fallout,” but he kicked it into high gear with this brilliant project that dropped today.

Wat the Frick consists of eight tracks that both capture Getter’s signature bass sound, and give us a taste of something fresh. Impressively, none of the songs were collabs, with the exception of $uicideboy$ rapping over “2 High.” This EP is full, unadulterated Getter. And we fricking love it.

Each song has its notable aspects, but two songs stand distinctive from the rest of the EP. “Cool as Frick” intertwines the DJ’s natural dubstep base with a sexy, moombahton beat that’ll make your hips move before you even realizing their moving. It features a sharp, almost scratchy sound effect that gives the track its dirty, head-banging vibe.

Another outstanding track from this EP is the soothing “Something New.” At first listen, you’d be surprised the artist behind the airy tune is our grimy Getter, but he proved that he is much more than just a dubstep dude.

With no words at all, this track will put you in a trance. The leisurely beat transfused with the flute-like effect and a few chimes here and there is a newfound recipe for a self-induced euphoric daze courtesy of Getter. Beautiful song.

Getter’s 21st EP since his inception in 2011, Wat the Frick is the perfect balance between the sound we love and the refreshing sound we needed to hear. The San Jose DJ is setting out to headline his first bus tour in 40 cities over the next two months, and if you’re not already snagging tickets to witness it… what the frick is wrong with you?

Check out Getter’s entire EP on SoundCloud:

Catch Getter on his Wat the Frick Tour at Marquee Theatre in Tempe and at Rialto in Tucson October 18th and 19th!

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