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Artist Spotlight: Getter — Suh Dude

You may know him as the dude who coined the phrase ‘suh dude,’ ..or maybe for his extraordinarily mental dubstep tracks. Either way, Getter has charged his way into the bass scene for all to acknowledge.

With over 350 million Vine Loops, Getter’s career goes further than music. His crew is recognized as one of the funniest groups on the Internet by doing nothing other than filming their every day lives. The Vines have contributed heavily to the success of Getter’s brand on top of his high level of musical skill.


Particular segments within the above video compilation were used within the hit track, ‘Suh Dude.’ With mixing elements of a straight bass god, the track takes you through the bumpy journey of suhhhh dude. When this drops tonight, the whole crowd is about to bust out them moves.

Getter – Suh Dude

Didn’t get enough bass at BOO this weekend? Getter will fill that void as he caters to your every dubstep need at his show in Tempe TONIGHT. Aryay, Nick Colletti, and Half Empty will be opening up for him to warm the crowd up. They will also bring the dirtiest of the dub, so missing their sets isn’t an option. Peep Half Empty’s latest remix of Borgore’s ‘Out of my Mind’:

Tickets are still available so purchase them here and join the event page.

Connect with Getter: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Connect with Half Empty: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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