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Artist Spotlight: Sage Armstrong — That Move-Yo-Body Kinda Sound

It is true: Sage Armstrong might be support for Will Clarke’s Barbershop Tour, but today at RB, Sage’s music is going to be put front and center as we check out why we should be “strong-armed” into listening to his music. Aside from rising through the ranks of Dirtybird, Sage has been building his brand through his own unique interpretation of house music by including completely original vocals and some dark beats to off-color some of the more “brighter” sounds. Listen to his Dirtybird debut from yonder, “What’s Your Tempetcha?” If you’re like us, you probably had to read it a few times to actually get the gist of the title.

Sage Armstrong – What’s Yo Tempetcha?

Songs like WYT inspire a different kind of “house” vibe on the dancefloor: Sage Armstrong produces music that can be admired at your backyard houseparty as well as being at home in the dirtiest of warehouses. Sage Armstrong wants to give you that feeling that you had years ago when you stepped into your first warehouse, and heard those beats that made you say “God-damned, that is DIRTY!” The schtick that makes his music so addictive are the darker beats that remind us of the “good old days,” yet don’t counter the “cleanliness” we have found in modern house and techno as well. While you won’t find Sage necessarily borrowing from other genres, Armstrong is paving his own path in a different way: by taking house music, and bringing back those sci-fi sounds, hip-hop influences, and vocals into this “party city” type of mix that calls for no ball-room dancing — just straight up shuffling and twerking.

Wood Holly, Sage Armstrong – Ass Out

Sage Armstrong does not care; he wishes not to be Diplo, Calvin Harris, or any of the mainstream names, but is simply making a name for himself by being true to his vision. We don’t need a press-pass to ask him that either, since his music speaks louder than words. Not only check him out at his upcoming gig with Will Clarke, but investigate some of the darker points of Sage Armstrong’s catalog to witness what music should have: a lack of pretension.

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