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B-Side Weekly: Charles Murdoch Feat. Oscar Key Sung – “Privacy”

For the likes of B-Side Weekly, we haven’t covered more ambient material recently in favor of the droptastic yield this summer has given us in recent times. Charles Murdoch, who performed a pulsing set at the Flume show in Phoenix on 09/27 at Comerica Theatre, has been throwing ambient tunes at us that capture just as much raw emotion in the videos as does in the instrumentals. Today’s surgical/musical examination will be accredited to Murdoch’s “Privacy,” with vocals from Oscar Key Sung. Although the music contains a very muted and musical tone, the music video presents the struggle of femininity and masculinity at its core, and the true fragility of those concepts. Much of Charles Murdoch’s music, as well as this video, translates emotion through pure instrumental, without relying on lyrics on a 24/7 basis.

Charles Murdoch Ft. Oscar Key Sung – Privacy 

By showing the fragility of social constructs we have made ourselves as humans, the chill synths that rise up and down gently like waves throughout the track highlight a different kind of music. While at every turn we are bombarded with the newest, most creative drop out there, Charles Murdoch lists his expertise by going straight to the most primal mode of music. “Privacy” is a track that throws all courtesy out the window by giving you a track that not only pairs the light coos of Oscar with Murdoch’s chill vibes, but is creating a revitalized ambient movement that has only been seen in recent times.

Take a good listen of Charles Murdoch and Oscar Key Sung’s “Privacy,” and get a hint at how he brought the house down when he opened for Flume. Although the show may be over, Charles Murdoch has quite enough moxy to satisfy those ambient, trance-like yearnings you sometimes get before or after a show. While Charles Murdoch may be an opener today, he has one of the best musical shots of being the headliner tomorrow.

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