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Dat New New: PANG! feat. Cameron Douglas – ‘Cigarette’

PANG! is experimental electronic music, created in our own musical world where nothing but our own laws and standards exists.

With this new tune, walk straight into the tinted atmosphere of a lingering cigarette. PANG! continues to demonstrate their musical expertise with another smooth sounding song. The inspiration for it may have been negative, but the artists keep the moment sweet with the subtle instrumentals and lucent male vocals.

In the beginning of the track, the melody is strung on a guitar. Later down the line, it is carried out with the keys on a piano, proving the artist’s talent to perform on multiple instruments. Whatever you may be doing the first moment you hear ‘Cigarette,’ it’ll surely make you stop and focus on wherever the tune takes your thoughts. It may also make you want to cozy up and stay in for the night, or even smoke a cigarette..

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