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Gryffin: Flight Log #004 Mix Tape

Dan Griffith is an electronic music producer with a passion for live instrumentation and performance. His sets are done entirely live with real instruments up on the stage. No turntables, no sync buttons, just pure musical talent. Best part of it all too is that there are no breaks in between the music like some live artists. So while the music doesn’t stop like a DJ, it’s something completely different from the normal atmosphere we are used to.

To get you in the mood for the vibes that Gryffin will be setting down at Shady Park this week, he’s put out a new mixtape featuring all of his music and more. Bringing together tropical house vibes with a very warm, fluffy, euphoric feeling Gryffin’s music could be described as being the indie music of electronic music. Go ahead and listen to his mix below to see for yourself!

Don’t forget that Gryffin will be here this Thursday at Shady Park to showcase his live musical skills! Tickets can be found right here and additionally don’t forget to follow him on all social media accounts below to stay up to date with news and music!

Connect With Gryffin: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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