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Minnesota and the New Sounds

Minnesota has been releasing music for quite some time and has usually captivated his listeners with a distinct melodic dubstep style. The Berkeley, CA born producer and dj has branded himself with stand out tracks like his works with G Jones including “Thunderdome” and his feature on “Fevers” with Seven Lions and Mimi Page. While it is known that Minnesota is one of the major players in the uplifting dubstep game, he has a completely different side to his productions that audiences are just now getting a taste of. Foreshadowed by his remix of the Ember Island cover of Where are “Where are ü now,” Minnesota’s latest remix of “Motley Crew” by They. has redefined the limits to his production prowess.

The energy of the remix is relaxed and laid back contrary to the usual face-melting dubstep drops. Vocals drive the track from start to finish with lush synth pads pumping in the background. The beat is very funky and shows little dubstep influence. However, the sound design and flawless melodic progression clearly come from the hand of a seasoned producer such as Minnesota. It is always interesting to hear how the master sound designers from bass music attack other electronic subgenres and in this instance, the result is fantastic. If this remix tickles your fancy, make sure to check out more of Minnesota’s amazing work via the links below!

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