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Oliver Heldens Launches Healthy Beverage “Deep Sparkling Water”

Oliver Heldens is dedicated to two things: deep house and health. We’ve seen his passion for house with his breakthrough hit “Gecko” three years ago and ever since, but now he’s diving head first into the health world.

Heldens is the first DJ- at just 22 years old- to launch his own line of drinks. Named “Deep Sparkling Water,” health-nut HI-LO created a refreshing drink with natural fructoses and hand-picked flavors; cucumber, elderflower and mint to further his commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles among his fans. 

After a successful summer of touring, the self-made entrepreneur is in store for a busy winter of business, as his soda-drink officially launched in the Netherlands on Oct. 15 at the No. 1 voted supermarket, Albert Heijn Vleuterweide. In addition to hosting a meet & greet sessions at the store, Heldens donated a portion of the proceeds to organizations that combat ocean pollution.

The fizzy soda beverages will be available to the world at the end of October online here, although no specific date has been announced. Kudos to Oli for having a weekly podcast, a successful alter ego (HI-LO), and a thriving record label on top of his beverage brand, but we still have a lot of questions.

Will Deep Sparkling Water be available at festivals? Exclusively Oliver Heldens shows? When can we get our hands on it? Will other drinks- or even food- be added to OH’s business ventures? How is Oliver Heldens so freaking awesome?!

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