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Ookay Releases 3 New Remixes Of “Thief” with Slushii and More!

Ah, the saxophone; whether you are tuning into that really overplayed George Michael classic, or just hearing that really strange inclusion of Kenny G that Katy Perry created out of “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), when do we truly know as a society, when it is the correct time to utilize the various forms of saxophone? As you can see from the examples above, those are some of the “lesser” times you might want to include a sax, not to mention it pained me in first person to actually refer to the Katy Perry song without making some sort of sarcastic quip. Actually, it pains me as a writer that I had to reference her song in a serious manner due to the above Same Sax-mention.

Now, why are we here? saxophones, dammit, that’s why we are here! DJ, Producer, and talented musician, Ookay just dropped remixes of his sax-tastic number, “Thief.” While the original is laden with that sexy sax, the Slushii Remix in turn will give you the chills of hearing a high-pitched synth-sax that blows the original out of the water. The tight screech mixed with Slushii’s style of bringing traptastic drops (especially in this edition) off-plays the original by converting it into a more “meaner” track. What’s to say about the other fantastic remixes on this E.P.?

What makes this E.P. noticeable is how each version of Thief contributes to the mix by keeping the principle saxophone, but mixing it with genres that Ookay didn’t originally explore. The “Tommy Trash” Remix of the E.P. boasts a knowledge of trance and house, while not pushing the drops too far bass-wise, but making up for it by reworking the original melody. The Tommy Trash remix is a work that does not wish to mix up the saxophone as much as Slushii once attempted. The third and last remix, the Botek edition, introduces the listener to more organic noises that mirror a mix of progressive house with techno.

While Botek does flirt with house and techno, the style that he brings to Thief sort of make it an outlier on the E.P. While it is indeed obvious that the latter DJs did try to stick to Ookay’s original plan and mixing their own, Botek more evidently has his own ideas and reworked the melody to not mirror the original as much as the others. Botek’s remix takes a simple beat and dresses up the track with various organic, household sounds that probably blew Ookay’s mind away when he heard it.

Take a listen to the full E.P. above, and let us know at RB what you think of Ookay’s newest tracks! If you missed Ookay at Cake on the 15th of September in Scottsdale, worry not, and keep an eye on those sexy tour dates of his!

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