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RB Exclusive Premiere: Junior Gold Lends His Latest Noise to 119 Sound with His New EP ‘Do Better’

Ambition and respect for your art are qualities in a musician easily overlooked in favor of something more marketable. However, every so often you find that artist who values their craft above all else and a label who sees eye to eye. Meet Junior Gold, a producer hailing from Los Angeles, who brings his technical style of DnB to 119 Sound for his latest release, Do Better.

Do Better is a 3-track EP consisting of high-energy, relentless, heart-pounding Drum and Bass. The title track kicks it off with an air of mystery to compliment its resounding energy. Track number 2, “Real Black (Adam’s Calendar)” takes it in a bit of a different direction, with a chilled out vibe incorporating a bit of saxophone and trippy vocal samples, yet still maintaining the DnB flair he is known for. The final track, “Right Here” lends once again to a unified vision for the piece as it borrows from both previous tracks to create something whole.

The 119 Sound Cru, consisting of Jared “JPaul” Jackson, Ben “OB-one” Garcia, Jerad “King” Howard, and OG Cru member Josh Swissman, have always formed their mission statement around one central idea: that great music is great music. Thankfully, for Junior Gold, himself and the label were on the same page.

In an open letter to the 119 Sound Cru, Justin Rodriguez aka Junior Gold had this to say: “This was my dream as a 13 year old going to my first moontribe party, waiting up all f*cking night to hear heretic and Josh Swissman on KSPC, golgo 13 with the DJ name alone got me to find out more about anime as a kid…”

Fulfilling much more than a dream however, becoming part of the 119 Sound family means so much more to an artist like Junior Gold, it meant full on musical reinvigoration, “You have helped me to accomplish something very important to me. I have produced all of this music strictly for your consumption and regurgitation as a record label I can count on and respect. I’ve worked with countless mainstream and niched artists and performers and shared many stages, but here in LA and even in other parts of the country it saddened and disheartened my experience to realize that a lot of artists are just interested in momentary fulfillments. Your support has reinvigorated me musically and nudged me into this next phase of my life as a music producer, in all fields.”

With that said, experience Junior Gold’s Do Better EP and while your listening just think about the passion that went into this project and know that it came from somewhere a lot of music fails to these days: belief in artistic vision.

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