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RB Weekend Preview: WAT THE FRICK It’s Getter, Gryffin, Never Say Die, & Will Clarke + Sage Armstrong

Last weekend we held our very first and very successful Boo! Halloween Festival with Insmoniac and we saw nearly 4,000 people all headbang together to some of our favorites including Knife Party, Excision, Snails, Ghastly, & more. This weekend we are seeing a total of five shows starting with the Wat The Frick Tour and Getter! Then we move onto Gryffin at Shady Park, and the Never Say Die Tour with Eptic, Must Die!, & Spag Heddy downstairs at Monarch with Will Clarke + Sage Armstrong upstairs.


10/18 + 10/19  Getter – WAT THE FRICK Tour @ Marquee & Rialto Theatre

Everyone knows Getter for the legendary saying “Suh Dude”, and he’s even well more known for the dubstep that he makes. Originating from the Bay area, Tanner Petulla, or GETTER, has made a big impression over the past couple years and has been seen playing alongside some of the most well known names in dubstep like RUSKO, NERO, Datsik, 12th Planet and more. He recently just came out with his newest EP “Wat The Frick” in accordance with the tour that he is doing! Check out all the 8 tracks on it featuring everything from Getter’s homeland of dubstep, to future bass, to moombahton!

Connect with Getter: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


10/20  Gryffin – Whole Heart Tour

Dan Griffith is an electronic music producer with a passion for live instrumentation and performance. His sets are done entirely live with real instruments up on the stage. No turntables, no sync buttons, just pure musical talent. Best part of it all too is that there are no breaks in between the music like some live artists. So while the music doesn’t stop like a DJ, it’s something completely different from the normal atmosphere we are used to. Gryffin’s music is rather laid back bringing together tropical house vibes with a very warm, fluffy, euphoric feeling. Check out his track “Whole Heart” to get a feel for the music that he will be bringing to Shady Park!

Connect With Gryffin: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


10/22  Never Say Die Tour

We just finished our biggest bass event ever, and next we’re bringing possibly the biggest dubstep label’s tour to town again. Arizona really is a basshead state with the way things have been going lately. We’ve got no complaints about that from our side. Never Say Die Records has been on a roll. They have signed Zomboy, Laxx, Megalodon, and the three artists coming to Phoenix on October 22.. Eptic, Must Die!, and Spag Heddy. Just a couple weeks ago they put out their latest release “Black Label XXL” featuring all the artists above and more. Check out all 21 tracks in the player below!

Connect with Never Say Die: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Eptic: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Must Die!: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Spag Heddy: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


10/22  Will Clarke & Sage Armstrong

Since his name first blew up on the scene in early 2014 when his first EP, “Big Booty”, was released on Worthy‘s Anabatic label, Will Clarke has been receiving a lot of praises and supports from many House producers around the world, such as Jamie Jones, MK, Billy Kenny, Pete Tong, Green Velvet, and many more. Among these, was the support and attention from Dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke, who welcomed him into the Dirtybird family and saw him becoming one of the label’s most regularly released artists.


Connect with Will Clarke: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Sage Armstrong: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


As per usual, ticket links are in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor! Don’t forget to follow all artists on their social media accounts so you can stay up to date with any new music and news as it comes out!

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