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Relentless Record Collection: Lemaitre’s Afterglow EP

It’s been a crazy month for new releases in EDM music, and now we’re adding one more to the list. Lemaitre, the indie-electronic duo from Oslo, hits us once again with their classic unique style. The new EP, ‘Afterglow,’ is a 4 track monster consisting of everything from the highest amount of feels to heart-pumping bass.

Each song with its own sound, collectively they bring a vibe that is impossible to not smile to. If you’re looking to brighten up your day or even wake you up in the morning, this is definitely the EP to turn on. With help from some other incredible musicians, ‘Afterglow’ features collabs with Stanaj, The Knocks, and Phoebe Ryan.

Lemaitre surprisingly takes a future twist with the track ‘Haze,’ with compelling vocals from Phoebe Ryan herself. This melodic future bass song will captivate anyone who is a fan of Porter or Odesza.

‘Playing to Lose’ and ‘Last Night on Earth’ are two songs that can change the mood in an instant, and will be in the background of many good times. All in all, this EP should be the soundtrack to any great adventure.

Connect with Lemaitre: Website | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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