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ChiVision: A Look Inside Chicago’s Freshest Production Company

ChiVision is a brand new Chicago-based production company composed of a group of Chicago homies with a vision. A vision to put the effort of a multiple day festival into one night. The company has been blowing up ever so quickly with much support from the Chicago scene because their events differ from the average.


“What’s so special about our events is we really care about our audience, appreciate everyone as much as they appreciate us, and we bring you REAL producers/djs with 100% original music. Always killers, never fillers.”

Undercoast, their first event and North Coast afterparty, was a complete success. Blankface, Bommer, Grime Theory, and other locals all came to hit the decks. The stride for quality over quantity separates ChiVision from the rest. The performers, attendees, and organizers are all one big family. These events are close knit and everybody knows everybody.

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“Our crowd is like our family. In Chicago, you see a lot of familiar faces week in and week out. Even with Gobble Wobble only being our second show we have a strong following that loves what we do and the events that we put on.”

This past weekend, ChiVision teamed up with SoundFX for their second event, Gobble Wobble in Detroit, Michigan. Artists included Jantsen, Luzcid, MiKrodot, Bommer, ATLiens, and plenty more bass music.


“We have love for art and special talents people have, so if you can perform and show an audience something they’ve never seen, you would do well at our events. We’ve still got a long way to go, but the people that come to our shows give us so much love and that’s one of the biggest driving forces that gets us to do what we do.”

All areas of the efforts and talents are well recognized at their events. Food vendors and live art are just some of the installations you will find at any ChiVision event. With each event, ChiVision grows more and more and it definitely shows.

“The future looks bright. We are just getting started, but the way things have just been falling into place makes it feel like this was what we should have been doing the whole time. I am blessed with the success I’ve been seeing. Hennything is possible.”

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