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Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open for Jonas Blue

With his career booming from its birth, British producer Jonas Blue and success are no strangers. In fact, they’re “perfect strangers,” which is the title of his second single that blasted him to the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Dance Club Song chart last week.

Guy James Robin, AKA Jonas Blue, is equipped with a honed hipster style, attractive English accent and a trifecta of thriving trop-pop tracks. The 27-year-old emerged onto the electronic dance scene earlier this year, and has swept through the UK as a constant chart-topping artist.

Although he cites his musical influences as Calvin Harris, Diplo, Tove Lo and a slew of 90s R&B, Blue’s breakthrough hit “Fast Car” is a rendition of a 1988 pop country song by Tracy Chapman. Jonas’ version features singer Dakota with sultry vocals complemented by a catchy tropical beat. Released in December of 2015, “Fast Car” peaked at No. 2 on the UK Dance Singles Chart, right behind Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk.”

‘Fast Car’ is currently the #1 selling British single of 2016 in the UK and 6th overall biggest selling single of the year in the UK. No surprises there.

Fast Car- Jonas Blue ft. DAKOTA

His second single was on replay throughout the entire world after its release in June of this year. “Perfect Strangers” is certified platinum in the UK, double platinum in Australia, and gold in New Zealand. The ripped-jean afficionado received a nomination for “Best Push” at the MTV EMAs, and with good reason; “Perfect Strangers” led Blue to hitting one billion streams across his tracks and videos.

It’s impossible to resist belting out the lyrics and moving your hips to this infectious “lust at first sight” track that features vocals by JP Cooper. The London-based producer also released an acoustic version of “Perfect Strangers” that replaces the synthy-trop beat with an authentic bongo beat.

Perfect Strangers- Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper 

With his previous hit still gaining worldwide success, Jonas Blue released his third single “By Your Side” on Oct. 28, 2016 featuring British singer Raye. In a Facebook live video posted by Blue last week, he said this of his newest track:

“‘By Your Side’ came about when I wanted to create a song about that moment when you could be at a festival or a party with someone that you really care about by your side and you’re just sharing that moment. Everyone has, when a certain song comes on, that feeling that you could just tear down the world being in that moment. “By Your Side” was originally about that. I was actually having an out of body experience while I was DJing, imagining  I was in the crowd. I remember I came back from being on the road and I had a few days in the studio and literally the first thing I came up with was the piano line and that concept.”

With its captivating music video and relatable lyrics, “By Your Side” is destined to be as popular as Blue’s previous singles, if not more popular.

By Your Side- Jonas Blue ft. RAYE

In less than one year, this producer dropped three explosive singles and has traveled the world performing them. He’ll be ending the year performing in Brazil, and it’s safe to say that 2017 probably has more than three singles in store for Jonas Blue.

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