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Lumberjvck Releases Dendrology EP on Bassrush Records

California based musician, Lumberjvck, started off playing drums, piano, and guitar as a youngan. Later down the line, those talents further developed into a career producing some of the heaviest dubstep and trap around. We’ve seen Lumberjvck pop up on numerous tracks and tours within these past couple years, gaining traction in the electronic industry.


Most recently, Lumberjvck released his Dendrology EP on Bassrush Records. By definition, dendrology is the study of trees, but we know exactly what Lumberjvck is doing and that’s tearing those rooted woods to the ground.

With Dendrology being a full-length EP of only five tracks it keeps bass heads wanting more. The only way to fulfill your need for more is to catch Lumberjvck on tour with 12th Planet and other special guests. Upcoming locations include Denver, Chicago, Milwaukee, and San Diego, but if you cannot make it to a nearby city, keep an eye out for Lumberjvck on upcoming festival lineups.

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