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Prok & Fitch Release “Latmun” Remix of Smash Single, “Tears”

Prok and Fitch are characters in the industry that have shared almost 18 years combined behind the boards and more. Not only have they witnessed the various changes in the industry, but turned their passion of finding obscure vinyl into a true music-making experience that culminated into what we know as the EDM renaissance. What makes Ben Prok and James Fitch so note-worthy, is the heart of their music that traces back to the origins of clubland, and is based off of pure experience. While you might be fooled at first by hearing a very familiar baseline, it is always counteracted with new grooves battling the risk of over-nostalgia. In recent weeks, Prok and Fitch released the “Latmun” remix, which incorporates another DJ-producer friend under the same name. The collab between Prok, Fitch and Latmun almost overshadow the original by using this collaborative effort into making sure no DJ would reject a track like this in the club.

At RB, we are always fans of the new and up-and-coming, but respect is always due to the DJs “on the grind” that have rose from the ashes of pre-2007 to jump into a movement that was unprecedented. We need not to ask you to respect these artists, but their music and experience almost demand it when you tune into “Tears.” It is also worthy to note that every individual with a credit under the “artist” line is in-fact from our great-great-great grandmother we kicked out of the house, Great Britain. Not that we have any problem with that, of course, but what makes this track very special is the heavy absence of Euro-pop influence that had trademarked many European DJs’ work in the last few years. Not to say they are selling out to us ‘Yanks, but the sound that Latmun and the crew created have actually morphed into a sound that has no borders. House has become such a wide expanse, such as when you put tracks like “Tears” in the equation, it shows that the House music you listen to may indeed have influences from across the pond, but can speak to a larger audience that might not be visible upon first glance.

Although it has been out for a few weeks, check out the track that is ripping up various platforms, and bringing us back to the world of the club!

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Sources: EDM Wikia

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