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Check Out Gramatik’s ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Remix EP!

Gramatik‘s 2016 album ‘Epigram’ was a huge turning point in the hip-hop electronic wiz’s career. Perhaps the most epcial track on the album, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ brought back Gramatik’s nostalgic hip-hop background, which apparently inspired many other up-and-comers to channel their roots, take this stellar Gramatik track, and recreate it in their own light.

The EP starts off with a remix by Beat Fatigue who is a part of the Lowtemp Label with Gramatik, this track puts a funky twist on the original, blended together with smooth guitar riffs and a powerful horn section. The track also throws a little plot twist at the end with an amazing solo, a great way to lead into the second remix.

Next is  Psymbionic‘s take on the song, which speeds up the BPM to a more upbeat speed with heavy bass glitches that carry us all the way through. The EP leaves us with one last remix from COBRAYAMA, which has a more chill tempo with slow synths. Each remix on this EP had a completely different facet, influenced by the artist’s skill and craft. It is amazing to see one track inspire others to channel their originality, this is what the EDM world is all about!

Cath Gramatik at this year’s Gem & Jam fest at Pima Fair Grounds in Tucson!

Make sure to check out the EP! Listen here:

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