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Dat New New: Joyryde – “Damn” ft. Freddie Gibbs

In Joyryde’s latest single, “Damn,” featuring Freddie Gibbs, the two turn it up a notch with some booming trap beats. After getting in your face with some bass, Joyryde shifts the mood using a light, poppin’ rhythm. Literally, it sounds as if he sampled a suction cup or the popping of a balloon. Whatever it may be, it translates into a respectable trap beat.


In the video, Joyryde takes you on journey with his familiar visual display. Watch as objects of all sorts melt away as he continues with his vehicular theme. As all of his videos follow this theme. They’re the perfect videos to throw on at the next party because of their intricate sound and polished poise.

“Damn” is just the latest addition to Joyryde’s creative career. His approach on music makes his videos different in the most innovative way. For this year, Joyryde has come up with an entirely new stage production, “C.A.R” (Calling All Rydrz), featuring a 1969 Dodge Charger. On December 30, he’ll be taking the show to Town & Country Event Center in New York with Sliink and Jackal.

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