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Helena Legend Unleashes “No Explanations” EP Series: Part 1

Helena Legend is one of dance music’s amazing and empowering ladies making their mark on the scene. In doing so, she has garnered the loyal support of her fan collective, Helena’s Legends. First arriving on the scene with her debut single, “Girl From The Sky,” coming in hot at No. 1 on the Australian Club Charts, where it remained for 4 consecutive weeks, a truly impressive feat, especially for your debut track. Although this made her seem like an overnight success, it took a lot of hard work to get here; she was involved with music from an early age, having been trained on both the cello and piano. She has had multiple successful tracks since her debut, such as “Pasilda”, “Shake It” and “Legend”, and released on some of the world’s most renowned record labels, such as Ultra Music, Mixmash Records, and Musical Freedom Records.

Helena Legend – No Explanations, Pt. 1

Now she is onto another impressive feat, unleashing Part 1 via the Sony & Ultra imprints for her brand new EP Series No ExplanationsHelena Legend‘s new EP that came out is the first of her No Explanations trilogy EP Series, marketing yet another impressive feat for the talented artist. Proving herself to be a true triple threat, Helena Legend makes her own vocal debut on the second track “Illusion” of her No Explanations Part 1 EP, truly stepping out of her old comfort zone. Appropriately so, the track is about making the best of the life you live; truly living life to the fullest. Part 2 and Part 3 of the No Explanations EP Series will be released at a later date, further marking an extension of this culmination of talent and hard work that went into solely just No Explanations Pt. 1. In the appropriately named closing track of the EP “Getaway,” island vibey rhythms takeover while taking listeners on a virtual vacation.

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