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Listen to Porter Robinson’s Live Edit of Purity Ring

The EDM world is filled with versatility, originality, and above all, energy. For the past few years, a young artist known as Porter Robinson has entered the craft with nothing but passion and talent, and now has the world under his hat. Porter is known for his live sets that will resurrect you and instantly have tears streaming down your face. In his live sets, he usually compiles all of his own music into an unforgettable journey. But, his DJ sets show a completely different side of him. Playing cuts and secret edits of his favorite songs he switches up the heavily emotional feels to a heart-pumping energetic show.

Usually, the songs played during his DJ sets can only be heard in person, which makes it that much more magical. But when you want to relive the beauty of such art and reminisce on the show, luckily there is one song that allows us to do exactly that.

Porter’s remix of Purity Rings “Begin Again” is one of the most popular edits that he’s played during his DJ set. Thanks to a fan who worked his editing magic, we can listen back to a glimpse of his show, and stream the killer remix whenever we please.

Listen here!

Lucky for us, Porter Robinson will playing his DJ Set to welcome in the New Year, and it’s show you don’t want to miss! Score your tickets here before they sell out!

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