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Our Favorite Sounds From Stööki Sound

London duo, Stööki Sound, which includes DJ Lukey and Jelacee continue to push boundaries within the realm of bass. They’ve become household names based on their ability to intertwine the grooves of hip-hop and rap with grime and trap music. This year they launched their own label, Ö.N.E Worldwide, which they released their newest EP under. To date, they’ve released two EP’s and a few singles that hint towards a long, successful future.

We’ve picked a few of our favorite sounds from Stööki Sound so far:

They most recently released a six-track EP, Ösiris, in October. “My G’s”, which features Jelacee rapping over synthy beats, came from this EP. It’s a perfect turn up track. Being from London, even their styling of rapping differs from that heard in the states. When you hear this track there’s no doubt it’s Stööki Sound.

“Ball So Hard” is Stööki Sound’s most popular tune to date. They’ve teamed up with heavy-hitter Hucci for this percussion-filled, drip-drop banger. When this song dropped in 2012 it opened the doors for Stööki Sound to really show us just how hard they can ball. They’ve been producing non-stop hits since.

The collaboration between TroyBoi and Stööki Sound for “W2L (Welcome To London) brings a new edge to trap while paying homage to their hometown and the city that made them. It features a deep trap beat and an even deeper voice sample that says “welcome to London” throughout the song. This song is another example of that unique-to-them ‘stööki sound’.

“Endz” also comes from their newest album Osiris and is one my personal favorites from them yet! It has such an array of sounds that make for an interesting listen. It’s all instrumental including African drums such as the DunDun and LoLo as well as live guitar. It’s where, according to Billboard, “unfamiliar sounds and imagery are masterfully woven together to create an immersive musical experience.”

Catch Stööki Sound take over Monarch Theatre on December 10th! Get tickets here.

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