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Tchami and Malaa’s “Prophecy” Gets A Killer Remix Pack

In September Tchami and Malaa teamed up for the hard-hitting house track “Prophecy”. It’s received a ton of support and over 2 million plays since them. It has an exotic feel with a wonky bassline that’s perfect for remixing.

This remix pack is a 5-track EP with mixes from Kyle Watson, Senor Roar, Michael Sparks, BadJokes, and Jace Mek. Each remix adds a unique twist while keeping the essence of the original track alive.

The Kyle Watson remix adds an eerie flair over bass riffs. Senor Roar turns up the bass on the house hit, adds a surprise drop and it becomes a total banger! The Michael Sparks version is a shock to the sense; there’s this screechy bass and plenty of sound effects that all keep you on your toes. BadJokes speeds it up and adds a new rhythm that gives this track a whole different energy. Last, but certainly not least, Jace Mek remixes a hard four-on-the-floor beat and synthy riffs into the track.

My personal fave came from Senor Roar, but decide for yourself! Give this awesome remix pack a listen and catch Malaa at Decadence on Friday, December 30th. Get tickets here!

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