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A Woman and A Robot Fall in Love with Keys N Krates Lastest “Love Again”

Although we have witnessed robots and other automatons gain sentience in various films like 2008’s WALL E, as well as dating back to 1927’s feature film, Metropolis, but somehow the world of Sci-FI took a longer time to reach the world of EDM. While of course we have been treated with various technological marvels and visuals that push the limits of what we can do on a physical stage, the sometimes-too-geeky-for-us Sci-Fi fans as well as the rave community truly haven’t found a middle ground until now; a peculiar topic has arisen in the form of a music video by Keys N Krates. Among the rippling synths and trap-esque progressions that would expect Danny Brown to come out of the woodwork instead of what transpires, leads us into a much darker story that follows the Greek tragedy of a homeless woman who falls in love with a robot. You might be thinking of a film with a similar moniker or storyline, but Keys N Krates portrays the story in a way which hasn’t yet been covered until the moral enigmas presented in Sci Fi TV shows like West World.

Keys N Krates’ music video entitled “Love Again” featuring Ouici presents itself in the mold of a homeless woman finding a robot who brings her riches, a friend and confidante, and more importantly, a close lover. Although we see the robot meander around like Iron Man and engage in very small interactions, the interaction lies more in the woman’s reaction to the robot in which the then-formally-homeless woman then paints onto the robot herself, which is a simple camera as its head. Beyond that, the storyline moves itself forward by presenting the adversity of the woman dating a robot, and those around her who disapprove and belittle her efforts in leading a productive life.

Keys N Krates “Love Again (feat. Ouici)”

We cannot ignore the fact that this is a potentially breath-taking melody. Just like the perfect medium between dirty beats and fluid house synth-action, but the message of the music video holds up just as strong as the composition itself. It begs us to ask the question: at what point does love between a robot and a human become legitimate, and at what point does the robot also begin to feel sentience? While the robot’s actions are very mundane and rather choppy compared to what we view as the future, you witness the robot learn over the short course of the music video, and almost feel hints of pity for the woman, and itself.

The video hits its pinnacle when at the end, we see another Woody Allen-esque twist as we see the robot slowly die and reach its product expiration date, and the scene slowly fades out as she faints and becomes slightly humorous when you first view. The last scene in which we witness comic relief truly does not account for the rest of the video: Keys N Krates not only present a sick tune with as much Trap as the average listener would need, but also presents a truly introspective experience on what we may experience with “robot” love in future events. Never before has our science-fiction future seemed so close, and “Love Again” by Keys N Krates only cements that notion.

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