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GRiZMATiK Is Finally Back With the Funk!

When two groovy gods get together to collab, there is no doubt that it will be anything less than extraordinary. The two solo DJs known as GRiZ and Gramatik have paired up once again with their combined name Grizmatik, for another single.

Grizmatik’s past hits ‘My People’ and ‘D.L.I.M.F” put a shockwave through the funk world of EDM, and after a good four years of waiting, we have another one ready to lift our spirits. This time, they release ‘As We Proceed,’ showcasing their unstoppable signature sound the best way they know how.

If you want to move and groove, this song holds the perfect clash of funk and electronic, with everything from hand claps and strong vocals to a two-step influenced style. Always soulful and always fresh, GRiZ and Gramatik have a way of grasping you with the bassline and vibrating synths. There really is nothing better.

Check out the song here!

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