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Oliver Heldens’ Latest Has Us Never Wanting To Go Home

Oliver Heldens has been turning out new music like crazy lately! He released his dance track “Good Life” with Ida Corr in November and has been dropping bits and pieces of new music on his social media for the past couple months. At only 21 the Dutch producer has built quite the reputation for himself and his latest song has the same bouncy house feel that first gained him recognition.

“I Don’t Wanna Go Home” is an end-of-the-night party track about never wanting to leave. It features a pitched down male-vocal and hosts some catchy hooks and deep, glorious bass lines.

As the lyrics go, “I’ve got cash on my table, I’ve got dirt on my floor. I’ve got ghosts in my closet I’ve never seen before. I’ve got angry neighbors
I’ve got bills to pay. I wanna stay in this moment.” The song helps us escape the reality of adult responsibilities, even if just for a moment. It was released on his own label, Heldeep Records, and is already getting a ton of support from fellow artists. The Chainsmokers said “This is dope! Everything Oliver does is sick seriously! I have a feeling this will be a big one!”

If you want to forget your worries and just dance for awhile be sure to catch Oliver Heldens when he throws down what is sure to be a groovy set at Phoenix Lights on Sunday, April 9th. Get tickets here.

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