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Pendulum Returns With New Video and Website

Pendulum, the Australian drum and bass band, first formed in 2002 by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding. They incorporated electronic rock styles with live instruments making for a unique hard-hitting sound. Swire and McGrillen created a side project that eventually evolved into their hugely successful main project, Knife Party.

KJ Sawka, Ben Mount, and Peredur Gwynedd joined the band in 2010 but as Knife Party has continued to grow Pendulum’s presence in the scene has been on and off. They recently surprised fans with a new website and video hinting at a big return.

Pendulum Returns

The mysterious video is only 20 seconds long and features a steady ticking sound over black and white footage of the city and the band’s logo. It doesn’t reveal much but the title says enough: “Pendulum Returns”. We’re not sure if this will mean new music or a full-blown tour, but we’re excited! Pendulum’s last album was in 2010 so fans are anxiously awaiting what ever’s next.

Keep up with their website for the most up to date news and info!

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