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RB Exclusive Interview: What’s Coming For Amine Edge & DANCE in 2017

Already incredibly skilled producers and game changing DJ’s, this year Amine Edge & DANCE intend to reach new heights in all aspects of the industry. Coming from Southern France, Amine Edge & DANCE create music blending the genres of house and techno with inspirations from old school hip-hop and funky beats resulting in a hypnotizing sound. Starting a now leading record label in 2013, CUFF, releases charted tracks from recognized artists including Shiba San, Maximono, SION, and many more. Generating their own musical movement by always testing the limits, the two give a unique spin to everything they release. With their recent EP Porn Bass, and newest tracks like “Ruthless”,  Amine Edge & DANCE are always looking to expand their knowledge of the musical world and have plans to slowly conquer the fashion industry also.

How would you say your sound has developed over the years?

From 2007 to now, our sound has constantly evolved, sometimes with success sometimes without, it’s just a matter of doing interesting stuff and being happy and creative instead of doing the same safe things and taking no risks. In 2017 it’s gonna be fireworks across genres from us…Techno, Acid, Deep House, Hip Hop, we are gonna do the music we want to do, when we want to do it, without pressure and strategy.

How would you describe this past year? What were your year’s highlights?

It was intense in a good way. We are happy to be part of this industry and to be recognized by it. We won a DJ Award in Ibiza, signed an EP to Desolat, played some amazing clubs and festivals including Coachella…just a few of so many highlights from the year.

You guys went b2b with MK in LA, can we expect more epic surprises like that on future tour dates?

MK is like a big brother to us, if he shows up to one of our gigs we always play together, it’s all about having fun really and it happens all the time. One day Amine went to see MK at Lovebox in London and MK asked Amine to play while he went into the crowd to have fun with the crowd. So yes, this can happen anytime anywhere and with any of our DJ friends.

Tell us about the track Ruthless. Where did you draw inspiration from this track? How does it represent the current state of your musical career and identity?

It came from the desire to do some Acid House and also because of the opportunity that Akai gave us with some new machines. It’s all about new experiences and having fun creating new things in the studio and surprising ourselves with the capacity to do different and exciting new things. Beeing fans of Laurent Garnier, Harfloor, Armando etc…we had to try this genre, as we love Acid house and 90’s Raw Techno. We were so happy to have the trust and support of Loco Dice, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing etc.. for this EP.

Amine Edge & DANCE – Ruthless

What’s next from Amine Edge & DANCE?

We are currently working hard on CUFF merchandising, to be more like a brand than just standard label merch. So, we are gonna enter the fashion business, it’s like learning to ride a bike! Then we have more EP’s coming this year and a strong strategy regarding our international touring and events.

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