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The Knocks Release Beautiful New Single ft. Absofacto

Nothing warms the heart quite like crisp, lyrical female vocals soaring over a relaxed house beat produced by Phoenix Light artist The Knocks. In the latest release from the New York native duo, fans get exactly this! “Trouble feat. Absofacto” takes the listener on a journey through mesmerizing melodies and rolling bass lines that accumulate to provide a perfect support for the featured vocalist. The distinct combination of soul, house, disco, and pop in The Knocks’ music creates an atmosphere capable of brightening anybody’s day by making them want to dance the night away. The feel good anthem comes with a music video that completely matches the vibe of the tune.

The Knocks – TROUBLE ft. Absofacto [Official Audio]

It is easy to picture how blissful it would be to put this song on repeat and go on a crazy road trip adventure with your best friends. This duo takes full advantage of their differences in music and uses their friendship to combine their diverse talents to create beautiful masterpieces. With one having experience as a church organist and the other a seasoned DJ, the flawless combination of complicated melodies and a strong, driving beat is not surprising. Overall, “Trouble” by The Knocks is a great listen and we hope there is more to come from the group before their appearance at this years Phoenix Lights. Grab your tickets here if you haven’t already!



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