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Alesso’s New Single “Falling” is Out Now and it is Addicting

Well, the Swedish sensation Alesso has done it again. Creating yet another single that is sure to be pulsating through the radio waves any moment now. “Falling” was released on Friday 2/3 and after a couple of listens, it’s a track that’s very difficult to skip over. A lustful desire of liquid house will soon be dripping from your speakers through your ears as the song quickly starts “takin’ over my mind.”

To new Alesso fans this may seem like something totally new and out of form. However, many people don’t know or have simply forgotten something about Alesso, that house music is where he started. Just take a listen to some of his old tracks like “Loose It” or “Think It’s Time.” Many only know Alesso from the moment he was noticed and began working with Sebastian Ingrosso. That’s when he began to blow up with our progressive house favorites like “Calling (Lose My Mind)” and “Years.” But before those hits lies a foundation of traditional house that is only now potentially starting to reemerge from Alesso’s latest works.

“Falling” is both a combination of a throwback and a step forward for the artist. It brings you back to his early works with the house layout, but adds a fresh, quality vocal the artist didn’t have access to when he first started producing. With his success in the progressive house realm, it appears he is prepared to evolve a bit and take a step in a new direction. Alesso overtly stated this in a tweet last week highlighting his love for vocal house and his desire to continue moving forward.

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Now, “Falling” isn’t the first time Alesso has decided to take a quick journey down the house memory lane. “Take My Breath Away” is still very fresh in many of our minds. This song too has the welcome pairing of a slower-than-his-usual house undertone with a talented vocal on top. “Falling” seems to find a way to offer more even though the track is minimalized and simple. However you choose to interpret the track, one thing seems to be constant among Alesso fans, that this track is making its way to the top of our playlists for a while.

Arizona Alesso fans can rejoice, as we now have yet another fresh tune to look forward to hearing at his set on Sunday April 9th at Phoenix Lights. With the releases of “Take My Breath Away” and “Falling” alongside all his previous hits, Arizona house and progressive house addicts will certainly have plenty of material to jump around and dance to under the Phoenix stars in April.

Similar to the lyrics that open Alesso’s great new single “Right here, right now…” This Song “…Is all we need.”

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