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REZZ & k?d Finally Release New Single

Over the last year, REZZ and K?D both broke out into the scene with a bang. REZZ, known for her hypnotizingly ominous beats, and K?D, an anonymous young DJ with a future-bass heartfelt sound. Earlier in January, they both teased fans on Twitter about a project they were working on together, and it has finally arrived.

After REZZ’s tour with MALAA, a new project is most likely going to push her further up the fame ladder, especially with this collab. WIth relatively different sounds, it is apparent that the two artists put both of their signature sounds into the track, making it undeniably unique.

TItled ‘Fourth Impact,’ the song starts with techno synths and a robotic-like melody. Once the bassline comes in, the pace fastens in just seconds and turns into a mix of house, techno, and trap influence. It sounds like it would be the track to get everyone banging their heads simultaneously at a festival.

And lucky for us, it is almost guaranteed that we’ll hear it when K?D joins us at Phoenix Lights in April. Don’t miss his debut live set in Phoenix! You can grab your tickets now!

Connect with Rezz: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with K?D: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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