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UK Brothers Troyboi x Stööki Sound Collab Again: “Warrior”

Troyboi and Stööki Sound joined forces once again to bring us a deep, hypnotic rhythm that could resurrect even the dreary soul. London-natives Troyboi and Stööki Sound are the kings of music manipulation and genre-crossing. The trio brought their raw talents together to give us “Warrior,” the dreamiest UK grime we’ve heard since W2L.

The beat starts us off a slow, suspenseful build that I imagine guerrilla warriors hear in their heads as they emerge into the front line of battle. It subtly breaks into a gloomy, textured beat with carefully placed euphonic flutes. There are no lyrics, so the story is whatever you make it; let the steady percussion take you on a transcendental trip to a place where you know no limits. Lay back, close your eyes and let the movement wash over you.

The universe is yours, and Stööki x Troyboi created your hymn. Check it out:

At only 2:45, it’s a short one, but don’t despair: Troyboi hinted that new music is in the works. On his Soundcloud release of “Warrior,” he stated, “2017 is about to be a good year for new music ;)”. Hopefully this means more dreamy collabs ASAP!

Connect with Stööki Sound: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud
Connect with Troyboi: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud
Image Source: Joanna

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