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3 Mixes to Get You Through Spring Break Alive

Spring break is either well underway or just around the corner, and there is nothing more important than having great background music the whole time. But when you don’t want to look at your phone every 3 minutes to pick the next song, there is only one solution: a good ass mix.

New mixes are released left and right on soundcloud, there is never a shortage of good vibes. Some of them make you headbang, some of them make you cry with emotion. I think it’s healthy to have a little of both.

For a road trip, party on the beach, or the chill time in between, here are some mixes that will do all the work for you.

Hotel Garuda never fails to take house music and twist it into something emotional, and this mix is the perfect blend of good bass and feelsy, whimsical melodies. From house to funky rap, this mix has everything you need.

The Glitch Mob’s music is unlike anything else, their industrial dance energy is the only thing needed to go from nap mode to party mode. From beginning to end this mix can’t go wrong. If you want the perfect mix to hype you up, this is the one.

Although it’s an oldie, this 2 hour Porter throwback is a must-hear if you want a slow car ride to go by faster. It is filled with songs from Worlds and sounds like one of his DJ sets that you have at your fingertips. Check it out!


If you are in need of a DJ break, leave it to these mixes to help you along so that you can get back to your partying. Stay safe and keep on dancin! Happy spring break 2017!

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