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5 Tracks Proving Phiso has the Best Builds in EDM

Nothing gets a crowd hype like a good build-up and drop. The music starts quietly, you feel it building in your bones, and slowly, so slooowly, it creates tension and gets everyone pumped and ready for the inevitable drop. Suddenly, it breaks, and you and everyone around you is thrashing. 

Canadian producer Phiso has hands-down some of the best builds in the EDM community. He slowly creates a build-up with unbelievable tension and energy, and never skimps out on the drop. Here’s 5 songs to prove it to you:

1. Wasteland

The build in this one is longer than some others, increasing the volume and synths for around 40 seconds. It smoothly transitions into wild dubstep that your super-tense body will be so thankful for.

2. HiJinks


This one is super quick, but somehow, it’s still enough of a gradient build to get you hype before the break and drop. When it happens, your heart will do weird things. Ugh.


3. Jotaro

The wild bass in this one is guaranteed to leave you dancing in your seat. If you know how to visually read audio, you can see exactly where the drop is in the track (:27). It’s probably Phiso’s most popular track, and has been remixed by super popular Dj’s, including Slushii.

4. All Ogre

Classic. Such a classic. The build is so quiet, you’re almost not sure it’s there. Then, suddenly, Shrek is yelling at you to get out of his swamp and you are going WILD in the crowd. Golden.

5. Perish Song

30 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time. But when you’re spending your 30 seconds full of suspense waiting for a song to break, it feels like you’re on a whole different spectrum of time. In this one, Phiso builds us up with layered vocals and breaks into a rhythm that keeps the listener up in the air for the rest of the song. It slowly fades back out at the end, making for a perfect 360 degree track.

Phiso brings us the best bass and dubstep with sick builds that guarantee to get the crowd going. If you want to experience this phenomenon, don’t miss him at Bassrush Massive AZ! Check out the rest of the lineup here.

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