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Artist Spotlight: Todd Terry

Todd Terry, was raised in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in producing began as he would listen to European dance music records. Their style of electronic music got Terry thinking, so he headed to his turntables to create his own version of it out of the use of the original beats.


Getting down from town to town, Terry’s style didn’t exactly flourish in the area he was in at the time, so he decided to move to England to get a fresh start. His sound was appreciated right away, so he began to maneuver as he played shows around England and other parts of Europe. As an important part of the underground scene, his efforts were eventually heard back home in the States and he was claimed as a significant aspect of the underground scene.

As a matter of fact, his tunes continued to hit European dance floors harder than ever in the mid-90’s. Some of his most recognized music was gathered and released as a collection titled “A Day In The Life,” released off one of the UK’s major labels, Ministry of Sound. Afterward, he landed a deal with Mercury Records, later releasing “Keep On Jumpin’,” which landed him and vocalists Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown a spot on the UK’s top 10 crossover pop hits chart.


With that, Terry has continued to be one of the prime leaders in underground music. He continues to tour around the world. He will be landing in Phoenix on April 22 as a segment of RB Deep so purchase your tickets, join the event page, and we’ll see you at the Scarlet Room.

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