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Dat New New: Baron Fields – Pressure (feat. Josh Rubin)

Baron’s Field’s brand-new track, “Pressure (feat. Josh Rubin),” is a really interesting piece. Right off the bat, the vocals take you away as they mellow you out with their calm yet confused theme. As they go deeper, they provide an understanding of a particular collection of emotions, so without a doubt the tune may be relatable for plenty. With roots in hope and love, two necessarily affections in human life, it tells a very personal story as it goes on.

All of a sudden, you hear a mingled, heavy beat drop, followed by a super pumped up sound. The twisted elements are recurring, and the constant house-like sound revives you. Up and down the track goes, with the dubbier start ups and constant builds continuing throughout.

However, it then leads us back into a lighter melody once again accompanied by Josh’s vocals. With so many contrasting fundamentals the track really proves the musician’s ability to provide funky feels to their listeners.


As for the release of “Pressure,” it has been published on Trap Nation’s latest project, Lowly Palace. The label is centered on underground musicians with a focus in electronic and indie music. With hard work put into every release, each individual piece has its own exclusive feel as geometric graphics are used to supplement the sound.

With that, keep an eye out for future works from Baron, Josh, and Lowly Records by liking or following their individual pages.

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