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How and Why to Stream Ultra Miami this Weekend

Friday, one of the most popular music festivals in the world begins and kicks off music festival season across the globe. I speak, of course, of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Starting on Friday through Sunday, March 24th – 26th, thousands of music lovers and festival ravers will flood downtown Miami to see their favorite artists and get a glimpse of their new music to come this year. If you’re unable to attend this year, as most of us are, you can still enjoy much of the fun, music, and vibes of Ultra by watching the live stream of the festival. There are a few different ways to stream the festival live and even more reason why you should absolutely watch it with your rave crew.

Why Stream Ultra Music Festival

To quote Afrojack from a recent UMF promo video “Ultra is always where you trademark your year…” He couldn’t be more right. Ultra is the start of the EDM music season, it’s your opening statement for the year as an artist. You preview not only your new music, but the direction and vision you want to set forth for yourself as an artist for the year. Last year, Galantis played their then soon to be smash hit “No Money” at Ultra. Martin Garrix played a set almost completely comprised of his own music and remixes, including most of the EP “Seven” he would later drop during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The stakes are high, the pressure is real, but it’s moments like performing at Ultra that bring out some of the very best in today’s artists.

In addition, the live stream of all your favorite artists in one place sets up the perfect pregame or house party to couple with the festival. Throw it on your TV and plug in your speakers while you get ready or invite your friends over and throw your own Ultra party. With the live stream, you don’t need to be there to enjoy a lot of the festival.

How to Stream

There are many ways and places to stream Ultra Miami, including on your computer or your phone. You can watch the live stream on UMF TV via YouTube or you can go to the Ultra website. This year, you can also stream it from the Ultra Mobile App. In past years, there has only been on channel for the whole festival, but it will take you everywhere throughout Ultra. From the Main stage to the Worldwide stage, live performances and exclusive interviews with the biggest artists, UMF TV brings it all to you wherever you are.

Here’s the schedule of streaming times:

Friday: 3PM-12AM ET

Saturday: 3PM-12AM ET

Sunday: 3PM-11PM ET

Connect with Ultra Music Festival: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Ultra Mobile App

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